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Goldman Sachs seeks to deliver excellence in asset management to many of the world's leading corporate, governmental and individual investors through a range of investment solutions.


Through our disciplined investment processes, we seek to deliver strong, consistent and potentially repeatable returns over the long term. Our broad equity team of over 100 investment professionals brings global reach and perspective to the investment process. We conduct proprietary research and apply dynamic, industry-specific valuation metrics that allow us to invest with conviction and to capitalize on market biases.

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GSAM Fixed Income takes a team-based approach in managing portfolios, capitalizing on the resources of our 250+ investment professionals globally. We use top-down and bottom-up strategies to maximize risk-adjusted returns. Portfolio construction consists of understanding and managing investment objectives, asset allocation, security selection and risk.

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The GSAM’s Global Liquidity Management team has been managing money market funds for more than 30 years, with a mission of preserving capital, providing liquidity and offering competitive yields through all market environments. As one of the leading global money market fund providers*, Global Liquidity Management has more than $250 billion in assets under management and offers a broad range of products denominated in various currencies.

*Source iMoneyNet

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The addition of alternatives to a portfolio may help to incorporate differentiated sources of return, while helping to provide additional portfolio diversification. Each of our alternative offerings seeks to deliver strong returns from either a fundamental or quantitative investment process.  Additionally, alternatives tend to move somewhat independently from traditional US equity and fixed income markets, which can help lower portfolio risk.

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The commodities market has historically provided portfolio diversification benefits due to its low correlations with bonds and equities.* Our team-based approach ensures continuity and idea sharing among some of the industry’s most experienced fixed income specialists when we construct a commodity portfolio. A range of disciplined investment strategies in the commodities markets, combined with a conservative cash management strategy,  may provide potential for generating excess return.

*GSAM, Bloomberg 12/31/12. Over the last 20 years.

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Real estate securities can offer investors access to commercial real estate investments with lower capital requirements and liquidity risk. The investment team is fully integrated with the Equity teams globally, which have a high degree of focus on real estate within their local markets. Our research-intensive process captures the underlying asset value of the real estate, strength of cash flows, balance sheet quality and conviction in management team.

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Our Portfolio Solutions products provide globally diversified, actively managed allocation strategies in one convenient package. Investors can take advantage of broad diversification, since each fund invests across different asset classes, regions, capitalizations and investment styles. Additionally, a thoughtful  rebalancing process considers tactical and strategic views as well as long-term directions of global markets.

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